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603/Speed Baby

Show Outline

Give me that letter.

"Speed Baby" (also known as "Speed III") has Paul and Jamie desperate to get the baby to fall asleep. They even call their yet-to-be-seen new Doctor who is so pleased (not really) by their insistance to meet him in the middle of the night that he calls Joan who wakes up Deb (sleeping next to her), who wakes up the Grandparents who chase each other all over town. Eventually they find out that motion pacifies the baby. The eventual solution has them in a cab with a Keenu Reeves-type character who manages to keep the cab moving long enough to let Mabel fall asleep.


603/Speed Baby

It's kind of a silly take-off and really at times makes you tired to watch it, but it has a couple of highlights. The intro with the big guy trick-or-treating I thought was funny, as was the part when the new doctor finally meets the Buchmans and their daughter. Only it's the wrong Buchmans. The interesting part was seeing Debbie and Joan in bed together. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but seeing two women in bed together is nothing but a political statement not suited for prime-time television. Two women in love on t.v., ok. In bed together, not so much. Otherwise, this episode, while not great, nonetheless was funny enough to merit a 6.5.