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506/Clip Show

Show Outline

Jamie is playing music to the baby while it's still in the womb. Paul who likes the idea starts to wonder if the baby can really hear things and Jamie thinks it can. They both then begin to wonder how much the baby actually inherits from the parents in the way of life experiences. This sets off a series of flashback about the life of Paul and Jamie.


This was an amazing episode. The cause of the flashbacks is kinda just a minor setting, but the way this episode was put together was great. Short little one-on-top-of-the-other type clips built around different things concerning the show. At the very end of the show Chuck Workman is given screen credit for putting the sequences together, and deservedly so. As big a fan of this show as I am I can't imagine putting together a better clip show. It has so many funny and wonderful glimpses into the real heart of this show. It's so much better than #325/The Test, which wasn't a bad episode itself. Because it's a clip show and not a regular episode, I can only give this episode a 9, but I can't really recommend an episode any higher than this one.

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