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411/Dream Weaver

Show Outline

Paul and Jamie keep having weird overlapping dreams, which were apparently was started after a dinner with Paul's boss from the Explorer Channel, Allison (played by Gates McFadden). They're "one of those" kind of dreams. Paul starts off, saying that he was making out with Allison, which inspires a similar dream by Jamie. They get worried while trying to figure out what all these dreams really mean. In the end they even get a little help from the cast of "Laugh In" while doing the fruge (a dance).


This was a weird episode. It was almost impossible to tell when they were dreaming and when they weren't - for the most part. But it was that guessing which made this episode watchable.Paul being nauseous, from the Ostrich, made me a little uncomfortable, but not enought to stop watching. And the party scene at the end is quite funny. Not the jokes, but just the overall atmosphere. Those of you old enough to have seen "Laugh In" when it was originally on will know what I mean. JoAnne Worley is hysterical! In fact, the ending party scene kinda ties the rest of the episode together and keeps it's weirdness in perspective. Without that scene, it would have just been a strange episode. Overall it earns a 7.