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406/ An Angel For Murray

Show Outline

Paul, who's working on a documentary about life in the Emergency Room, and Jamie, who's trying to re-establish her career in public relations, can't seem to find enough time to walk Murray. So after much discussion, they finally agree to hire someone to walk the dog. They interview many people, but finally settle on Nat (played, of course, by Hank Azaria). To Paul, he seems perfect for the job but to Jamie, not so much - at least at first. But after an accident in which Nat pushes Murray out of the way of a falling angel statue. This not only makes Nat seem like a good choice, but a god-send.


In this episode we meet Nat for the first time, and it's quickly evident how funny he would be. I'll admit, though, I taped this episode on a summer repeat and so wasn't introduced to Nat the right way. I saw him in other episodes before this and thusly it took me a while to warm up to Nat. Now if I'd seen Nat in this episode first, then it'd een a different story. This is the long way around saying I enjoyed not only Nat, but this episode. The constantly empty Emergency Room while Paul is trying to film the documentary is funny, especially the tag (at the end of the episode) where this is shown to be a conspiracy. Overall, not magic, but certainly a 7.5.

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