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404/I Don't See It

Show Outline

Jamie is trying to get a job running the re-election campaign for the Mayor, while Paul is trying to figure out where he knows the Mayor's public relations director, Lance Brockwell. Three words - movie, permit, Coyotes. Years earlier, Lance worked in the city's permits and licenses department and turned down Paul's application to make a film about coyotes. A nasty exchange of letters followed between the two of them. When Paul remembers where he knows Lance from he worries that Lance won't offer the job to Jamie (and Fran). So he goes in to confront Lance and it turns out that there are no hard feelings. All seems well until Paul mentions to Lance that he and Jamie may be trying to get pregnant. Also, Paul is interviewing a guy who supposedly is a Titanic survivor (played by Eric Christmas).


Not a classic episode, but there is much about this one to like. Jamie trying to remove her bra in Brockwell's office, the enthusiasm of the Titanic survivor telling his story, and especially Jamie's realization that, "Oh, God! I'm the Mommy!". As much as I enjoyed this episode, it seems almost blasphemous not to think of it as a classic. But the reality is that while it's a very entertaining and enjoyable show, it lacks the "magic" that the true classics of Mad About You have. Still it deserves a solid 8.

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