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313/How To Fall In Love

Show Outline

Paul is writing a script for a video about finding love called "How To Find 'Em, Meet 'Em, and Make 'Em Yours" while he and Jamie are at Riff's. Jamie feels like she's being ignored so she volunteers to field test Paul's ideas for him. He tries his lines on her, unsuccessfully, but falls for her approach. On the way home Paul and Jamie try several more ways to meet, but it's just not as easy as it seems. Meanwhile, back in apartment 11D, Ira (who had to stop in and use the bathroom) is meeting and keeping an eye on Susannah (played by Anne Bobby), a classmate of Jamie's. While Paul and Jamie struggle to find love, Ira and Suzanne just sort of fall into it.


A fun episode. The routines Paul and Jamie go through are both funny and kind of frustrating. In a roundabout way, they make a good point about how hard it really is to meet someone. I loved the one where Jamie is being "hit on" by a guy at the bar (played by the same actor who plays "Del" on Caroline In The City) while Paul takes notes. And near the end the scene in the elevator is kind of touching. The start of the relationship between Ira and Susannah is funny, but also kinda bland. Overall, this was light-hearted, and funny look at the difficulties of the dating scene. There was both much to laugh about, and think about. I'd have to give it a solid 8, bordering on an 8.5.