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311/Our Fifteen Minutes

Show Outline

Paul is one of six Documentary film makers PBS has asked to turn the camera on themselves (Ken Burns among them) They're supposed to film themselves in a 15-minute "slice of life". Paul tells Jamie that they just called this morning, to make it more authentic. But as Jamie later learns, Paul's known about the film for at least two weeks. This upsets Jamie and has her going on an "honesty" kick, much to their later embarrassment.When the cameras are rolling, however, almost anything can happen. From a commercial for Buchman Sporting Goods, to Lisa exposing herself!


Jamie's compulsion to be "gritty", 'cause she thinks she and Paul lead a boring life, is a bit frustrating, but this episode is really quite funny. Jamie's "barfly" act is hilarious (she used to hang out at a tough biker called "Bikes and Things"). As is the scene where Lisa strolls through talking about a guy she's going to have breakfast with, and in the process flashing Paul and Jamie. The reactions of Paul and Helen lead one to believe that not only did Anne Ramsey really go topless, but that it wasn't exactly in the script. Except for Jamie's vanity, this is a wonderful episode.