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224/With This Ring...Part II

Show Outline

It's Paul and Jamie's anniversary (2nd I believe) and due to the owners of the market having a kid, they start talking about having kids of their own. Also they have to survive three dinners. The first is with Paul's sister, Debbie, and Lisa. Jamie is astounded at how well Debbie handles her kid, Noah. The next dinner is with Paul's parents. At this dinner Paul learns his parents conceived him when they had sex on the kitchen table. The third dinner is with Fran and Ira. This is the most laid back of the three dinners, but by now they're so full they can barely eat. In the end we see that having a kid is something to start seriously thinking about.


This one is the better part of this 2-part episode. I especially like the 2 little dream sequences, where they imagine what it'll be like having a kid. "It's a monkey." I also like it when Ursula (the waitress at Riff's, played by Lisa Kudrow) thinks that Paul and Ira are actually Bill and Dave. This was the season-ending episode, and a pretty good one. Light and funny throughout. Just a fun episode to watch.

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