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220/The Last Scampi

Show Outline

Jamie gets tag teamed by call-waiting into having dinner with both her and Paul's mothers. It was a disaster waiting to happen, and a disaster happened. They went to a seafood restaurant, and apparently when both mothers wanted to order Scampi, the restaurant only had one. Both mothers are mad at each other, and they try to fight it out through Paul and Jamie, and later Lisa and Fran and Ira. Murray even gets upset, which worries Paul. He takes Murray to the vet where they find out that even he (the dog) has unresolved issues with his mother.


A funny episode all around. The part where Paul and Jamie argue is really funny; "You wanted the call-waiting so people could get us, well they got us baby, you happy?!?" Also the part at the end where Murray's actual mother barks at him for not staying in touch. This episode is not ranked in my top 5, but certainly my top 10. Plenty of laughs from beginning to end.

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