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217/The Tape

Show Outline

Let's watch it.

It's time for a spring cleaning and Paul, Jamie, and Lisa (who's really just claiming stuff) are going through all the closets and finding and separating stuff to keep and stuff to throw out. Paul has a harder time than Jamie - most of the time - letting go of stuff. While in the bedroom closet, Jamie runs across a video tape which Paul was supposed to have gotten rid of a long time ago. As you might have guessed, it's a tape of the two having sex. After Jamie thinks Paul has gotten rid of the tape, she kinda wishes they'd watched it one more time. Paul to the rescue as he still hasn't thrown it away! So they agree to watch it one more time then throw it "the hell away". One small problem - Paul has mixed "the" tape up with RoboCop III, which he recently rented while Jamie was out of town. They are both horrified and set out to retrieve the tape. Eventually the have to call in the Feds.


Oh my God!

To me, this episode had a lot of the same kind of energy as "Disorientation/222", where they (Ira, Fran, Lisa, and Paul) rush around in panic trying to get Jamie registered for classes. That episode wore me out the first time I saw it, but this episode turned out to be more fun. I think that's because there was so much funny, but warm, interaction between Paul and Jamie. I especially loved towards the end, when they finally catch up to the tape, and they have to resort to being agents from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to get it from this weird guy who offers them frozen dinners. "Ok. Bill, get the tape." Funny stuff. Lisa's appearance is kind of brief, but it plays well. I thought Ursula was just a bit over the top, but I laughed anyway, as I usually do, at her antics. This episode was a bit shallow on the plot, but it was entertaining enough to rate a 7.