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210/A Pair Of Hearts

Show Outline

Paul And Jamie and Fran and Ira all go to Atlantic City for the weekend, courtesy of an old friend of Ira's. It's his wife, Marianne (played by Cindy Lauper). They haven't seen each other in 20 years, and Marianne, as the hostess of a casino, has brought them all down because she's ready to re-marry - a Count no less. Technically, however, she and Ira are still married, so she wants him to sign the divorce papers. There is a large amount of animosity from Paul, but there's still a spark between Ira and Marianne. Ira doesn't ignite it, though. Instead he and Fran have a late-night fling.


This is the episode that sealed my decision to tape this series. I'd been watching for nearly two months and was growing to love it more each week. Thanks to this episode, I now have this huge tape collection. It's a good one. The tag at the end of this episode is my favorite part. It's a reference to the movie where Robert Redford pays 1 million dollars to sleep with Demi Moore. In the movie there is much gut-wrenching over the decision, but here, none. Really funny. It was also somewhat of a surprise to see Ira and Fran agreeing to have sex, but it was also kinda cute. Overall it's an episode which is quite easy to watch.

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