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204/So I Married A Hair Murderer

Show Outline

Jamie's not working and trying to decide on her future. With the loads of free time she has available, she gets into doing everything. She reads Jane Austin books, learns Italian, watches infomercials, and re-arranges furniture. Unfortunately, she also gives haircuts. Meanwhile Paul is trying to finish editing a film (with help from Steven Wright's character, Warren), but keeps getting interruptions from a pesky producer, and Jamie. It eventually drives Paul over the edge. When asked why he didn't just say something, Paul replies, "'Cause it's alright".


This is an episode in which Jamie's energy threatens to wear out the viewer. It's funny to watch her bouncing off the walls and Paul trying to deal with it all. The scene where Paul tries to get used to the new layout in the apartment, and when Lisa shows Paul her new haircut, are hilarious. Steven Wright is also funny in his brief re-occurring role as Warren Mermelman, Paulie's editing helper. I really like this episode. Or couldn't you tell?

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