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121/Happy Anniversary

Show Outline

Paul and Jamie try to mediate between Fran and Ira during their break-up. Mark is set to leave on his great voyage of self-discovery. Paul is also trying to finish a film and arrange to have the wedding cake picture (missing from their album because Paul ran the photographer off) taken. All this turmoil has Jamie worried that she and Paul won't last as a couple. But Paul scores major points when he surprises Jamie with the set-up party for the picture. Still, watching Mark and Fran break-up has Jamie overly worried. But not so worried that she and Paul can't have sex in the kitchen during the party.


This episode is highlighted for me by the appearence of Steven Wright (in his brief re-occurring role as Paul's co-worker, Warren Mermelman). His dry sense of humour is wonderfully showcased in this role. Also the role of a skittish gal named Connie is funny. It is kinda sad to see Fran and Mark breaking up, but even situations like this are handled with a nice, sensitive touch. A pleasant, if not great episode.