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116/Weekend Getaway

Show Outline

Paul and Jamie drive north for a weekend at a country cottage. They hadn't made reservations, but Jamie convinces the manager that she knows the owner of the hotel chain. Suddenly they have a room. What's supposed to be a relaxing weekend becomes a tension-filled getaway as Jamie worries about work. Paul and Jamie finally relax enough to think about moving to the country. Not such a good idea when they find out how the small town shuts down at night leaving them very few options for dining and entertainment. But all is not lost as Paul and Jamie join the Polar Bear club. Brrr.....Eventually, though, they get caught for not really knowing Bruce Roberts, the owner.


Jamie wears me out in this episode. I want to reach throught the t.v. and slow her down myself. Paul, though, takes the gentle approach and this seems to work. I found it to be a largely funny episode, especially the part where Jamie helps Paul light the fire. It's also funny to see them ordering Chinese all the way from New York. But all in all this isn't the best of this series. I give it a 6 nonetheless.

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