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Show Outline

The city of New York has hired Jamie's PR firm to do a new set of "I Love New York" commercials. She's been given the task of hiring the director and she chooses an out of work Paul. He's against it, but her "look" convinces him to do it anyway. Besides, they argue, this'll give them a chance to spend more time together - something they don't get enough of lately. What starts off as a good idea, soon becomes what Paul had worried it could be, trouble. Paul's "the guy" but it's a one shot deal.


Of the first season, this is not one of my favourites. It seems to be forced at times, but if I don't fret about it, it's really not so bad an episode. It's fun to see Paul and Jamie in a different environment (the work place). I can't particularly rave about this episode, but neither will I speak ill of a series which is never bad. Mis-directed, but not bad. Always watchable.

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