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107/Token Friend

Show Outline

Paul wants to avoid using the subway because the guy in the token booth is an old film school classmate (Howie Balinger) that Paul blames himself for ruining his life. Seems Paul got to class 5 minutes ahead of Howie and gets the good "Movieola" editing machine, being used for a final semester project. This causes Howie to drop out of school and end up as an attendant selling subway tokens. When Howie spots Paul, he too blames Paul. After a confrontation, Howie walks off the job leaving Paul and Jamie to try and heal old wouds. But when Howie reuses to forgive the past or be grateful for Paul and Jamie filling in, Paul has had enough. He's giving up on worrying about Howie and tells Howie that if he's not overslept 20 years ago, he'd have everything Paul has. These harsh words inspire Howie to make something of himself, though Paul still gets no credit.


I liked this episode, though I did find myself getting impatient with both Paul and Jamie not being able to make it to the circus, but also with Paul taking the blame for someone else's fortune. I also didn't like how Howie blames Paul for his misfortune. But outside of that discomfort, this was a fine episode. It was funny to see Mark being so afraid of Murray, and Paul competing with Fran and Mark's kid, Ryan. But the best moment was Pauyl and Jamie "argueing" with the P.A. microphone on. Makes me laugh just to think about it. This episode is hardly a classic, but it's quite an enjoyable watch. On my scale, I give it a 7.5.