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106/Paul In The Family

Show Outline

Jamie's parents are visiting 11D, for the first time since before the wedding, on their way to the theater. Paul tries his best to be the eye of the storm, while Jamie's parents debate everything about what she could have been, driving her nuts. Jamie has to bribe Lisa to come take up some of the slack, but even between the two of them they can't win. In spite of Jamie and Lisa's objections mom and dad get to see them perform "Sisters" one more time.


This is a cute episode, though I must admit it drove me a little nuts at times. The plot is shallow, the humor predictable, and really it's just one of those episodes which never really finds second gear. But that doesn't mean it's a bad episode. Quite the contrary. The interaction between Paul and Jamie is developing more of the edge which would make this show so wonderful, and Lisa, as always, is great as the rebellious neurotic. There were enough cute moments to keep this watchable, and the part where Jamie and Lisa sing "Sisters" is one of this shows early classic moments. On my scale this rates a solid 6.

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