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102/Out Of The Past

Show Outline

102/Out of the Past

Selby runs into an old girlfriend of Paul's, Lynn Stoddard at a restaurant called the Pappya King. When Paul finds this out he really loses it. He's upset when Selby tells Lynn that Paul is married; he pulls out old video of himself and Lynn; and he really gets silly when he meets Lynn. Jamie is never really upset with Paul about his infatuation with Lynn, but she gets a little annoyed when Paul almost acts like she's not even there. Lynn is understandable when Jamie gets mad at Paul, even admires Jamie for her extended patience. But between Lynn and Jamie, Lynn was never as much in love with Paul as Paul was with Lynn.


102/Out of the Past

Overall I found this episode funny, but in an understated kind of way. It was funny to see Paul's reaction to hearing about his old girlfriend - I can sort of relate to how Paul felt - but there were times when I thought, "ok Paul. Let go already". This of course means I was into the whole of this episode. There was a part of me that felt kind of sad when we learn that Paul's feelings were, more or less, one-sided. I guess I that's where much of my being able to relate to this episode comes from. I wish my ex's felt as I do about them (an eternal lingering fondness), but in truth they probably don't feel the same way. Paul's performance was the center piece of this episode, and it was heartfelt and quite good. So it's not Paul's performance or the plot which is understated. It's the feelings which are portrayed. It's one of those things you either get, or you don't. I give it a 7, but that's a very personal rating for this episode.

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